Thursday, 12 May 2016

Cameron has had a very good 24 hours

First he has fixed ITV to invite Farage on to represent the Leave campaign. The officially designated Cameron oppostion is rightly furious as Farage is not a member of their campaign. Tom Bradby, ITVs new political  head Honcho is well in wih the Establishment long standing friend of Prince William etc. Cameron is very pleased as he knows boozy Farage is a sure fire vote winner for the Remains with the ladies who dont like men who smell of booze and fags.

His and Gideon's appointee as Gov of the Bank of England, the Canadian Carney, is proving almost as good as the American Obama at reading out dodgy Dave's 10 Downing Street scripts in a doom laden voice this morning.

As a former Bank of England staffer I can say with real authority the BoE has a lousy record of forecasting as their so called Inflation Report proves. I remember once asking if I could do a liitle work on this but was told to desist immediately. The Bank cannot accurately forecast 3 months ahead let alone 3 years post Referendum.

I agree with Jacob Rees Mogg, Carney is way out of order and should be sacked.

Finally by ordering Whitingdale, minster for culture media and sport to lay off the BBC big time he has secured uncritical BBC support until after the referendum. No I call that a result for Dave.

I have just watched the DG Tony Hall interviewed by Laura Kuenssberg who put it to him the BBC had got away with it. A big smirk from Mr Hall and no follow up questions from Laura.. .

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