Thursday, 12 May 2016

Why ITV invited Farage to oppose Cameron

It is no secret that Cameron thinks Farage is a real positive for the Remain campaign and that of all the Brexiters Farage will be the easiest pushover for Dave in the right format. Thats why Vote Leave have rightly tried to keep Farage in his box. No 10 however ensured ITV provided the right non-debate format but how were ITV pushed into inviting Farage who is not even a member of the official electoral commission selected opposition group? This could still be big trouble for ITV with the Electoral Commission.

The reason is Peston who is a big new signing by Bradby for ITV from the BBC. When Peston was at the Beeb he was known as the voice of Downing Street and could be relied on to relay Downing Street spin verbatiim to the gullible British public I sometimes used to see A Campbell's lobby briefings on Fridays.when I  travelled home with a Cabinet Office wallah. I used to get in just in time for the 6 pm news to listen to some earnest BBC hack repeating almost word for word what I had read on the train. So much for investigative journalism! The hacks,like us all, are lazy so why work to write something original when the story has been written for you...

Peston was allegedly close to Cameron post Blair/Brown so there you have the link, Dave wanted Farage and Peston needed to make a splash in his new job along with his new noss Bradby.

Farage loves flattery so it was no surprise to see him preening himself on TV last night saying there had been a conspiracy at Vote Leave to sideline him and his huge ego and what the campaign needed was more diversity not just Tory cabinet ministers  and as UKIP had got a lot of votes last General Election. he should be speaking for the opposition to Remain.

If he wanted to speak for Vote Leave why has he not joined it? Answer, because he would not be leader and he would have to play 10th fiddle or thereabouts.

He then went on to say Vote Leave had to reach out to Labour voters to win. Quite right Nigel but surely Labour MPs would do this far better than him. Vote Leave have two excellent Labour women MPs plus a two female Tory cabinet minister any one of whom would represent Vote Leave better than Nigel and yes they are women and appeal to the female voter, a group that are turned off big time by old Booze and Fags.

Let us have Gisela or Kate or Priti or Theresa to take on Flashman Cameron who has his own women voter problems and win some votes for Vote Leave. Diversity includes having more women Nigel!

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Stephen Harness said...

Oh well. Leaving the EU was a nice thought.