Monday, 30 May 2016

Remember Sep 2014 and May 2015 Mr Khan.

As a result of sharing platforms with the Tories during the Establishment fixed project Fear  referendum campaign, Governor Carney, former PMs dodgy business leaders etc Labour were all but wiped out in Scotland by the SNP in the subsequent UK General Election. Cameron is already badly damaged goods. Khan's London Labour party might well meet the same fate as Scottish Labour as a result of his insane decision to share a platform with the sinking ship of shame SS Cameron.

In England remember the fate of the LibDems. Not so long ago Paddy could sit on the top of Ham Hill and his Lib Dem empire stretched as far as the eye could see and further. But they got into bed with the Tories and lost 85% of their MPs and now do not have a single MP in the South West.

Cameron has run a quite disgraceful project Fear referendum campaign abusing his position and the public purse. He will be punished for this if not by the electorate then by his own party. Labour has nothing to gain and everything to lose by Khan's stupidity. Even Jezza Corbyn has had the sense to keep his distance from the Tories during the Referendum campaign.

BoJo is a classicist. Labour should sit back and watch the Tory gladiators kill each other up to, and after, 23rd June and just pick up the spoils left in the Colosseum as Lenin did in 1917 in Russia.

Good cartoon in the Sun today sums it up

Trevor Kavanagh: Uncontrolled mass immigration is a social disaster

Photo published for Trevor Kavanagh: Uncontrolled mass immigration is a social disaster

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