Sunday, 29 May 2016

Populist replaces racist as BBC's smear of choice

It was Orwell in his book 1984 who pointed out how the destruction of the meaning of language gave elites the power to do anything they want. I looked up the OED definition of the word populist. Here is what it said,

noun. 1A member or adherent of a political party seeking to represent the interests of ordinary people. 

That really says it all. The phrase ordinary people is anathema to the BBC and must be removed at all costs. Thus Trump, Farage etc are populists They mayalso be decribed as racists but I suspect the BBC lawyers are getting edgy bout being sued for slander so populism is safer.

So what is the difference between populism as defined above and one nation Tories? Not a lot as far as I can see but of you are a populist sounds so much more damaginng than and I am a one nation Tory.

The problem is people especially our elites are deliberately misleading in their use of language.Thus Marr allowed A Blair to use Europe when he was talking about the EU. The distinction is important as one includes Russia and one doesn't.

.Pritti Patel has done the debate a great service by pointing out that rich boys like Cameron, Osborne, Blair and Corbyn live a priveleged life unaffected by competion for their jobs, houses etc  by immigrants. In fact it enables the posh boys to employ them as cheap servants. Hence today from Nads

Tory MP Nadine Dorries quotes on , revealing she is backing a leadership challenge against David Cameron

It is something that should have been said a long time ago. I was saying yesterday when leafleting for Vote Leavein Yeovil,

"Vote for freedom or you will die a slave"

Our ancestors fought and died for our freedom and democracy. Its worth a lot more than a discount ou your mobile phone roaming charges in the EU.

The argument I heard quite often from Joe Public was better the devil yoi know than the devil you don't know. I of course pointed out that voting Remain was a bigger leap in the dark, another common reply I got, than Vote Leave particularly  on issues like the European Army. One LibDem charmingly called me a liar despite me pointing out that was the lead story in Friday's Times.

Sticks and stones may break my bones but Lib Dem lies will never hurt me.

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