Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Traditional Labour Working Class

This was on Twitter yesterday with the caption,

There's a rumour going around that have lost touch with the traditional, British working-class.

I gather Farage is up North campaigning for Leave. He has a good instinct for where the votes to Leave are to be had. He also rightly characterised this referendum as the wealthy establishment against the ordinary people. I and many others have good reason to dislike NF but in this matter he is 100% correct. Again he is sayng what the establishment fears to say or as dear Oscar once said the luvvy that dares not speak its name.

John Redwood has  a ginormous brain. He was on R4 this morning on the subject of the latest piece of IFS propaganda.

Redwood is on 2 hours 22 minutes in and it illustrates where Farage scores over brains. Redwood rightly pointed out that the IFS got €7.4 million from the EU last year. Robinson then asked him, "So you think this influences their report?" Redwood waffled and procrastinated. All he had to say was there is an old saying he who pays the piper calls the tune or anything in that vein. But he could not bring himself to say this. In this matter he  is no different from the other old Tories. The campaign needs someone o put the boot in and only Farage seems prepared to do this. Cameron and Osborne are not holding back on the Remain side!

I went to a Vote Leave meeting last night. The big complaint was not just a complete lack of leadership but the leadership, Cummings. Elliott etc were uncontactable. The campaign management is a shambles and Lawson, Gove or who ever better kick ass as the Yanks say. The current management performance is woeful.

Cleary BoJo sees Vote Leave as a vehicle for his ambition to be PM and not as a campaign to secure a leave vote. The £365mn per week he alleges we give to the EU plastered on the side of his big red bus is a PR disaster. Itis manifestly untrue and provides such an easy and damaging target for the Remain campaign. What idiot was responsible for that?

I would have the bus resprayed and fess up to the mistake and give the true figure c £200 bn per week. We must be seen as a truthful campaign to differentiate us from WWIII corporal Jones Cameron.

Of the two  mugshots below who has done more damage to the UK?


The both look shifty and untrustworthy to me.

How about

I do llike the unexplained Fear in bagging area!

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