Thursday, 26 May 2016

Left wing London hypocrits

There is an excellent piece on the spiked online blog castgating that prime hyopcrit Paul Mason former C4 ecnomics editor who was on QT last week, boy wonder Owen Jones and Zorba the Greek alias Varoufakis. Click below to read

Mason's position is he wants out of the EU but does not want to kick Csameron out and bring BoJo in. He is a democrat who supports democracy so long as the people eleclect someone he likes. So he wants the dodgy cabal of mid Europeans  heade by Juncker to run our country badly in preference to Brits BoJo, Liam Fox IDS, Dan Hannan etc who would run our country well but not as Mr Mason would like it run.

The hyopcrisy of the North London Labour elite is staggering. They despise democracy and the ordinary working person. I fact anyone who does not read their unreadable house journal the Grauniad.

Here is a quote from a Simon Jenkins pirce in the Guardian

The best thing that happened to medieval England was its defeat in the hundred years war and the end of English ambitions on the continent of Europe. The best thing to happen in the 16th century was Henry VIII’s rejection of the pan-European papacy. The wisest policy of his daughter, Elizabeth I, was an isolationism so rigid that she rejected one continental suitor after another. Britain fought off all attempts by France and Spain to restore European Catholicism, and accepted a Dutch and a German monarch strictly on the basis of British parliamentary sovereignty.
Cameron’s 18th-century predecessor was Robert Walpole, author of Walpole’s Peace. Its meticulous isolation from Europe’s conflicts brought Britain a golden age of enlightenment and industrial revolution. In 1734, Walpole could proudly tell the Queen: “Madam there are 50,000 men slain this year in Europe, and not one an Englishman.”
I echoed  this sentiment to Jane Ashdown yesterday evening when I told her I had counted over 1200 names on our school first world war memorial surely the ultimate reason not to be involved with the EU.

Here is the link to Simon Jenkins piece. Its worth a read.

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