Sunday, 12 June 2016

Dave gets more like Sir Humphrey every day

Sir Humphrey used to have a set of sure fire vote losing cuts read just in case Jim Hacker asked for cuts. Dave has a set of cuts designed to hit our OAPs stop bus passes, free TV licence for over 75s, cuts to NHS services.

I suggest Dave cuts the vanity DFID overseas aid department entirely saving £12.2 bn and also the other vanity project HS2, the most expensive railway ever built cost £42 bn.

Its easy to find cuts Dave without hitting OAP you just have to look at the vanity projects.

I think anyone like you who seeks to frighten vulnerable old people is contemptible.

It would also help if Archbishop Welby showed a little Christian charity to our old and vulnerable, tended to his rapidly diminishing flock and stayed out of politics from his comfy palace in Lambeth. I suggest he takes a leaf out of the Pope's bible and lives in an oirdinary council flat. More mixing with ordinary people and less hobnobbing with the Royals might cure Welby's high falutin views.


Stephen Harness said...

Welby thinks he is at the court of Henry V111 but without the risk of losing his head.

Leslie Lim said...

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