Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Dr Liam Fox MP tweets - No referendum backsliding

 Access to the single market does not require free movement of people. Many countries sell into EU without it. The Common Market 1973 anyway  was about free movement of Labour ie workers not benefit scroungers and health tourists

The UK EU quislings like Lammy are starting to twitter. This will increase in volume as time passes. I wrote before 23 rd June that if VoteLeave won the elite would try to undermine the vote. They use useful fools like Lammy to do their work for them so they can keep their hands clean.

The price of our freedom is eternal vigilance against the elite. Liam Fox, Michael Gove, Gisella Stuart and Andrea Ledsome are worthy of our trust and we look to them to squash Lammy and his fellow travellers.

The BBC is of course the prime mover in seeking to rubbish the Out Brexit vote. See

Why do we have to pay a licence fee to support this blatant, nasty, biased propaganda?

The IN campaign and the BBC are bad losers. I remember the impeccable Jacob Rees Mogg two days before 23rd June on the BBC saying the most important thing was for everyone to accept the result of the vote. Sorry Jacob the BBC only hears what it agrees with. All other views are populist racist rants in their biased view.


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