Thursday, 2 June 2016

I hate planted, vetted questions.

It was great to see Boris take random questions from the floor at Clitheroe cattle market today after auctioning an animal from the rostrum.. You will never see Cameron do this, ke prefers planted PMQ questions starting, " Does the PM agree with me..." Only BoJo has the wit, confidence and humour to do this.

Compare BoJos performance with Jezza's left wing political correct rant blaming bad employers for the sins of the world and lauding the EU job  protection rules. If Jezza bothered to look at what is going on in the Eurozone he would see 50% youth unemployment in Spain and Italy and 30% in France. You don't need protection from unscrupulous employers when you are out of work like much of the Eurozone work force.

There was time for only one planted question from the floor and the poor girl made a hash of it so Jezza answered the question he thought she meant to ask.

I detest these planted vetted questions. I have been asked often when going to public meetings like BBC Any Questions to submit my question to the producer for vetting. The same used to happen at UKIP meetings I went to. I always just offered to give my name and if called I would ask my question. This is of course the last thing Farage/Nuttall wanted to face was questions from me so I was of course never called. I remember watching George Bush senior get into a terrible mess with qustioning from the floor by an articulate well educated middle aged lady. Politicos prefer to answer questions from young photogenic bimbo air heads.

At one Question Time the producer was overheard saying to Dimblebore remember no middle aged white males!

The cry from the BBC vox pop just now is tell us the facts so you get  BBC propaganda  presented as facts. Its so easy to bias the debate and the BBC are very good at it. If you want less bias and more fact watch Russia today.

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Stephen Harness said...

Last week I was chosen with the help of somebody sitting close to me who brought my raised hand to the attention of the chairman who was turning a diplomatic blind eye, to ask a question to Villiers, Eustace, Vickers and Austin Mitchell. I did remind the panel of three tories and one Labour, that we were having this referendum because of the increasing trend towards UKIP in 2014. I then gave them an easy Sabre rattling question on the fishing industry, or lack of fishing industry on the east coast, especially Grimsby. Too late in the campaign for anything other than slogans.