Friday, 3 June 2016

Facts can set us free

It was disappointing this morning to hear Theresa Villiers on Radio 4 this morning agreeing with Nick Robinson's true but mileading statement that we have more immigrants from outside the EU than from the EU. The government figures in thousands for year to Dec 2015 are :EU excluding returning Brits 184 +/- 27
and non EU 188 +/- 20. The +/- figure is called a confidence interval and gives the margin of error as in opinion polls. So within the margin of error the two figures, 184 and 188 are the same or in statistics speak are not significantly different. Pity Ms Villiers is a bit inumerate.

Click on link below to verify my figures.

This of course allowed Robinson more traction for his why did your government not do more to crack down on non EU migration. Again Ms Villiers missed a trick. The non-EU immmigrants were checked why they wanted into the UK. The main reasons were students accepted onto UK university courses, rejoining family and crucially sponsored by business as needed to expand their operations and ranges frrom Indian software engineers to Bangladeshi curry chefs, Pakistani medics, Fillipino nurses OZ/NZ bankers. .

Always ask for the source of the BBC figures! Its conjecture or opinion if they cannot supply a verifiable source.

Vote Leaves best facts man by far is Dan Hanaan. Why are we not seeing more of him? BoJo has his uses but facts after Roman times are not his forte. Jacob Rees Mogg is much sounder post 50 AD.

The HoC Home Affairs select commitee has just published a report detailing ho we are providing 13000 foreign criminals with free board and lodging in Her Majesty's prison hotel chain. Of these there are the non deportables, 963 Poles, 764 Irish, 635 Romanians. This makes superb material for Vote Leave. Click below too read the report.

Surely VoteLeave can make political capital out of this? Chuka Omuna clearly thinks we can.

I intend going along to Paddy Ashdowns little fact session in our village hall on 16th June to keep the great man to the facts rather than his usual off subject monologue of what I did in Sarajevo.

There are facts available but what politicians claim as their facts are invariably their friend's opinions be it the IMF, OECD, BoE etc. That is what is confusing the electorate.It is a deliberate ploy by our political class to pull the wool over people's eyes. Facts are few and have published sources as I have given in my two links above!  Stick to the facts and we will win.

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