Saturday, 4 June 2016

Roland Rudd, epitomy of the sneering EU eite.

Roland Dacre Rudd is one of the most revolting PR men to be given so much coverage in our Brussels loving media. Perhaps it is because his sister the equally obnoxious Amber is a Cheltenham Ladies college educated Cabinet minister. She was married to A A Gil who makes Jacob Rees Mogg look modern.

Ratty Rudd clearly insulted the nice Telegraph journo Allison Pearson at the Hay on Wye literary fest who put on a debate entitled "Does Britain need the EU?" Vote Leave was represented by Ms Pearson, Liam Fox and Roger Bootle.with Postie Johnson, Nick Herbert MP and Rud for the Ins
You can read this excellent piece by Ms Pearson by clicking link below.

Millfield Public schoolboy (current fees £30k + pa)  Rudd called Ms Pearson a racist in the nice way public school types like to smear their opponents even ladies and even reached for that othwer smear, Poopulist.. Rudd 's main gripe seems to be the pleabs, thats you and me are not doing what him ansd Flashman Dave are telling them and that Populism is getting popular! Ms Pearson is no racist but RDR is clearly a gigantic snob who I confidently predict will soon be appearing once more on BBC as spokesmen for one of the many EU front organisations he represents.

I quote from Wikepedia

 He is strongly in favour of British engagement with Europe, and is chairman of Business for New Europe[7] and a member of the Centre for European Reform's advisory board.[8]
Rudd is close to a number of Labour Party politicians.[2] Lord Mandelson is godfather to one of Rudd's children[12] and Rudd campaigned for Mandelson in his Hartlepool constituency in the 2001 general election.[4] Tony Blair's son Euan was an intern at Finsbury[11] and Rudd was one of the "Four Wise Men" who advised Blair in 2007 on life after leaving office.[2] Rudd has also been linked to Ed Balls and Tessa Jowell of Labour, and Nick Clegg of the Liberal Democrats.[4]
Well there you have it an associate of Blair, Mandelson and Clegg. Impecable EU phile credentials I would say.

There is another fantastic piece by Simon Heffer in the Telegraph

It is headlined the migration question that cannot be answered and all the Old Etonian waffling just makes worse.

The punch line is,

 Because we cannot stop EU nationals with criminal records entering Britain unless a warrant is out for their arrest, we must let in robbers, rapists, drug dealers and burglars, even though we have more than enough of our own.


Final quote,

The EU could have offered a limit on immigration during the “renegotiation”, and refused. If we vote Leave later this month, that will be the main reason why.

Keep it up Dave.

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