Friday, 24 June 2016

Independence Day!!

The British people triumphed over the scaremongering political elite. I am so proud to be British today.

Nigel Farage has been vilified by the BBC for many years and during this referendum it hit fever pitch. He kept on going when many including myself wavered and he deserves the thanks of all of us. Without him there would have been no referendum.offer from the Tories.

Cameron was relying on the Lib Dems to prevent him having to redeem his pledge to us but if you rely on the LibDems you rely on a broken reed. So a big thaankyou to the Lib Dems for losing so many MPs and giving Cameron his overall majority.

We won this referendum against the odds and all the dirty tricks Osborne could muster. Even Nigel Farage wobbled yesterday and almost conceded to Remain but he did not and we won.

We also owe a huge debt to Labour's Gisela Stuart herself an immigrant. Her calmness and surefootedness saw us through to win the two TV debates and of course to win millions of votes in the Labour heartlands and also Dan Hanaan who campaigned tirelessly up and down the country these last 6 months.

So thank you a milion times  Gisella, Nigel, BoJo, Andrea and Michael Gove  and last but not least Dan Hanaan for getting my country back for me and my children..

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