Monday, 20 June 2016

Remain's learns from football.

When the opposition is playing well it is a standard football manager tactics to bring on one or more substitutes, not because of injuries but to 'break up' the game and disrupt the opositions positive flow. You see the same in tennis. Nadal is a past master of the medical time out when he is losing to break up his opponents flow.

Thus the 'failure' of the electoral registration system two hours before closing was seized upon by the Tories and Hancock announced a 2 day extension for a less than 2 hour loss of service. The aim was of course to break up the Out camaign.

That is what happened after the Jo Cox murder with the suspension of campaigning by Remain who were losing at the time, for two days forcing the other parties to do likewise. There is no evidence that her murder was politically motivated. It was a mentally disturbed man who seems to have read some far right material about 20 years ago.

MPs have been murdered before by politically motivated killers, Gow Thatchers PPS in Eastbourne in 1990 by the IRA. The subsequent by-election was contested and lost by the Tories. On 30th March 1979 Tory MP and Thatcher aide Airey Neave, DSO MC, was blown up in his car in the Palace of Weatminster underground car park by the IRA. There was a General Election on 3rd May 1979, five weeks after Neave's murder. Campaigning went on as before. Thatcher said,

" Airey's death will enhance our resolve that the God-given freedoms in which he believed and which are the foundation of our parliamentary democracy will in the end triumph over the acts of evil men."

Thatcher was really upset over the deaths of her two close colleagues whom she had known for mny years but not descend into the false American sentimentality displayed by Obama, Cameron, Osborne who hardly knew Jo Cox but nevertheless seek exploit her tragic death to further their political cause.of staying in the EU.

Its another example of the 'Americanisation' of our body politic something I wish had never crossed the Atlantic

This memorial service for Jo Cox is another cynical attempt by Cameron and his chums to break up the Referendum campaign and distract British people from the real issue that we have to leave to get our country back. I have no doubt the service will be the lead item on the BBC news.Its designed to distract you from the real issue, the future of our country.

The most terrible attempt at political assasination in my lifetime in the UK was the IRA's attempt to kill Thatcher and her cabinet on 12th Oct 1984 in the Grand Hotel Brighton. It killed 5 people and only recently a policeman exposed to asbestos by the blast als o died.

The most lasting effect was Norman Tebbit who had to live in a wheechair  as a result of injuries she received and has been devotedly nursed by husband  for over 30 years. I know old people are now perceived as a fiscal problem but they are still people.

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