Monday, 20 June 2016

Farage hands victory to Remain

It is as I always feared, Nigel Farage's huge ego was always going to be more important than our cause of leaving the EU. He has handed Cameron all the ammunition he needs with his crass poster of Syrian migrants to blow us Leavers apart. He says the timing of its release was unfortunate coming just beforethe murder of Jo Cox. But what did he do to recall the poster after the murder? Nothing I fear.

He did well to get us the Referendum. I urged for him not to campaign in the referendum. His job was done. Leave running the campaign to Gisela Stuart and Michael Gove. Vote Leave was the officially designated opposition. All Farage could do was split the vote and damage  Vote Leave. He has achieved that. His claims of  personal victimhood are nauseating.

The Warsi woman was known, like Farage, for  overweaning personal ambition.. She was rejected as an MP candidate by a number of Tory constituency associations.  Cameron put her in the Lords where I expect she will soon be joined by Farage. It is what he always wanted and a grateful Cameron will be delighted grant him this bauble.

The Warsi non story looks like a put up job to me. Like Farage she was never a member of Vote Leave, either as a foot soldier like me, or a spokesman like Dan Hanaan.

It has all the makings of a Shakespearian tragedy, over weaning unscrupulous ambition brought down by the same. I look forward to reading of Warsi's next job.


Stephen Harness said...

Yes Farage managed to assist the destruction of two parliamentary campaigns in my area by being critical of the renewable sector when so many jobs are/were dependent on that sector locally. We had already neutralist local attacks on UKIP looking to exploit the UKIP position on wind turbines etc. I stood up in council and pledged support to a response of ridicule. I then explained that we desperately needed local jobs but also explained that the HM Governments 2050 Pathways Analysis did have profound outcomes for an area with two oil refineries and a steelworks. Job done. Then along came Farage and a Grimsby candidate to shoot us in the feet repeatedly.

Henry IX said...

"Cameron put her in the Lords where I expect she will soon be joined by Farage"... how do u arrive at that one???

Eric Edmond said...

Long time no hearn Henry. It will be for services rendered to Cameron and the Remain campaign.

Henry IX said...

Cameron hates Farage and wouldn't piss him on him even if he was on fire (probably not too dissimilar to you!!) The notion that he goes to give him a career promotion is ludicrous!

Eric Edmond said...

Time will tell Henry but the feeling of red leather on his bum is what Farage craves.