Saturday, 18 June 2016

Three things Vote Leave must do now to win the Referendum

First run the Tory 1992 poster with words changed to the EU's Tax Bombshell. Try and get it into the Sun, Daily Mail and Daily Express on Wednesday morning

Labour's Tax Bombshell

1 gave EU proposed tax hikes in my blog yesterday. The are in the Telegraph click link to see details:

Second get Gisela Stuart (lead) and Kate Hoey and Priti  Patel on TV as much as possible speaking for VoteLeave. I do not know how the tragic death of Jo Cox will affect people's voting intentions but two Labour women and a woman from Indian parentage will cover most of the mud Caneron and the leftist press will throw at us over Mrs Cox's awful killing.

Third make it clear Farage does not speak for Vote Leave and will not be part of any Vote Leave team negotiating our terms of leaving the EU. Keep on repeating this message as much as possble. Cameron sees Farage as our weak point and he is clearly targetting Farage's unpopularity with huge swathes of the electorate particularly women. I would do exactly the same if I were running the IN campaign.

Get on and do these three things  now!

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