Saturday, 25 June 2016

We still need UKIP & Farage to get us out of the EU

The report that Labour MP wants parliament to ignore the referendum result and vote down anything that will get us out of the EU beggars belief. He is obiously unfit to be an MP. The wil of the people is paramont.

One and a half milion deranged leftists have signed a Downing Stree petition demanding another referendum. This is the standard EU tactic and coming from British voters simply plays into the EU;s hands. These people are no democrats. It smacks of student union politics and is a strong argument for raising the voting age to 21.

The demand that nobody over 60 should have been allowed to vote in the referendum is also loony. Just rememeber its not just immigrants that pay taxes but the average OAP has paid taxes and NI for 50 years. We all get old but are still people.

These half baked remarks will be seized upon by MPs like Lammy to water down or ig nore the referendum result and create a situation requiring another General Election giving a mandate to stay in the EU that trumps the referendum. In which casse we will need UKIP to put up candidates in every seat and threaten all three main parties. That is the only pressure that works.  That is the only reason we ever got a referendum in the first place and we  need Farage to make sure we keep it. So be nice to Nigel please!


Edward Spalton said...

Like you, I had a run in with Farage and his chums years ago ( 16 to be exact). I didn't argue the toss and left UKIP.
Watching him in action, I felt he had matured a lot. He had gravitas - or a good appearance of it. He made Cameron
look distinctly shifty by comparison. His energy must have been phenomenal.

We worked closely with groups which were mostly UKIP in the referendum and I thought their activists were brilliant.
They came across as good natured and cheerful - also very conscientious. In the last few days when the opinion polls
were adverse, I formed a distinct opinion they would tip the balance and, completely unscientifically, I believe they did.

Eric Edmond said...

I worked with UKIP grass roots this referendum and as before they were excellent. It was good Crowther did not appear.