Thursday, 9 June 2016

Woolaston proves you can't trust the Tories

Sarah Woolaston was clearly looking for an excuse to switch sides as many Tory turncoats have done before her. They espouse Euroscepticism to get elected or selected and then defect. She has done it at a time that does maximum damage to Vote Leave to earn brownie points with Dave. She may look a nice lady but under the skin she is just another nasty, self serving Tory. EU policy is to do in secret this TTIP deal which will allow big US companies into the UK health market giving them the right to sue UK health administrators and lead to the privatisation of the NHS. For other EU countries that already have contributory health schemes this is no big deal but for the UK it is a reversal of founding NHS principles as sacred to us as free movement of people is to the EU.


Stephen Harness said...

I agree. If she was struggling with her conscience she should have simply quoted a realistic net figure. Leave should have adopted a cost/benefit figure and then said show me yours.

Eric Edmond said...

She was a bit me, me me as Isobel Oakeshott tweeeted. She clearly wanted to do maximum damage to Vote Leave.