Wednesday, 13 July 2016

BBC's sabotage Brexit tactics become clear.

The BBC are now trying to sabotage BREXIT by rewriting history. Thus Norman Smith one of the Beeb's army of political correspondents/editors was bumming up Amber Rudd who he said destroyed BoJo with her would you want him to take you home after the party. Frankly I don't thing Ruidd would have too many offers. BoJo handled her nasty attack brilliantly. He did not crumble like Andrea Leadsom under her nasty agressive words but turned them against Rudd. She lost that debate and disappeared from the Remain A list. Mr Smith obviously forgot. He, along with most of the BBC political hacks does seem to suffer a form of selective amnesia..

How do I get a job as a BBC political correspondent. At least I see things as they are not like the BBC as they wish them to be in their left wing paradise.

We will be able to judge what May is up to by her first appointments. I am not optimistic. May has always been a Tory goody two shoes doing what the whips want. She is too old to change now.

She is the oldest PM at 59 to take up office since Henry Campbell Bannerman in 1905 who was 64 when taking office and was one of our most boring and undistinguished PMs. with an unblemished record of non-achievement. Nobody ever accused Mrs May of being any thing other than boring..

 Campbell-Bannerman resigned as Prime Minister on 3 April 1908 due to ill health and was replaced by his ChancellorH. H. Asquith. He died nineteen days later.

I hope Mrs May's health holds up. As Andy Murray remarked after winning Wimbledon, being PM is a tough job.


Gervaise J said...

"She is the oldest PM at 59 to take up office since Henry Campbell Bannerman in 1905, who was 64"

This statement is wrong by some considerable margin, I'm afraid. Since Campbell Bannerman (who incidentally was 69 on taking office, not 64), no less than 7 Prime Ministers have been older than May on taking office, as follows:

Bonar Law - 64
Chamberlain - 68
Churchill - 65 (how on earth could you overlook that one?)
Attlee - 62
Macmillan - 62
Douglas-Home - 60
Callaghan - 64

Admittedly there are some duds on this list, but most people would put Churchill and Attlee high up the pecking order of great PMs. I do not expect May to go so high up that pecking order, but nonetheless I object to what appears on the face of it to be a rather pointlessly ageist observation, and an inaccurately-based one at that. Incidentally, of the seven PMs above, while it is true that two of them, Law and Chamberlain, like Campbell Bannerman, died soon after a brief period in office, the other five lived to a ripe old age. Attlee got to his mid-eighties and as for the other four, well they happen to be the only four PMs in British history who lived into their nineties!

Eric Edmond said...

No its not ageism its historical fact. Its also agreed Bannerman was a very undistinguished PM. Typo on my part I typed 4 instead of 9. I am grateful to you for completing the PM age on first appointment data set.

PM nowadays in 24 hour 365 day media sppolight with added political correctnes is a lot more stressful than even in Macmillan's day, lots of time on the grouse moor or even Sir Alec who did his economy sums using matchsticks. Balfour, Bannerman's predecessor as PM used to spend his summer holidays golfing at North Berwick. He was much more interesting than Bannerman. Here is Wikipeia Link

but you will have to paste it into your browser

Gervaise J said...

I shall accept your protestation that what you wrote is not ageism, but what you wrote is clearly not historical fact either, unless as with typing 4 instead of 9 you also meant to type "She is the eighth oldest PM", etc, instead of "She is the oldest PM", etc!

My only comment on Balfour would be "Bob's your uncle".