Monday, 8 August 2016

Booker & North need a course in elementary economics

Reducing tarrif barriers increases trade. It  makes goods cheaper for consumers hence the trade increase. Trade systems are dynamic not static They react very quickly to changes, faster than Booker & North can write their next load of drivel for the uncritical Sunday Telegraph. That is Minford's message. Adam Smith called it the hidden HAND OF THE MARKET.  Booker and North are like WWI Generals, inflexible and stuck on fixed tracks. You need to be nimble to outwit the very able EU crats.

I won't reply to comments posted on Mr Dr North's blog on what I write here. I find the comments difficult to read and make replies in. I willl reply to any comments posted on the comments section of my blog. I find it simpler to use and understand. KISS

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