Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Why we will get an immediate trade deal with the EU when we repeal the 72/73 ECA

Unlike Booker & North I believe in hard data not obfuscation, economic illiteracy and drivel. You can find the offcial  German balance of trade figures for 2015 at this link:


I extract  ranked relevant figures  German annual balance of trade figures in € bn.:

US        54 € bn
UK        51 € bn
France   36 € bn
Austria  21 € bn

So in terms of net trade the UK is almost as important to Germany as the US.

In gross  exports the US is 114bn€, France 103 bn€, UK 89bn€

That Messrs Booker North is why the EU, or the Fourth Reich to be more accurate, will be very quick to offer us an excellent trade deal. There are a lot of German jobs on the line. We have a very strong negotiating hand although you would not think so if you believe Booker North's drivel.

Just keep it simple and do not get dragged into playing by EU rules. That is a game the EU is bound to win as they make the rules. Just state what you want and hold out for the best deal.

I will only reply to comments posted on this blog as I find the comments section on Mr Dr North's blog complex to use.

PS latest from the 4th Reich

Germany's trade surplus slips to €21.7bn in June

2016-08-09 09:00:24

Germany's trade surplus for June was €21.7bn, which was below a forecast €23.2bn and also from May's surplus of €22.2bn.

Story provided by StockMarketWire.com

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