Monday, 1 August 2016

UKIP leadership election

Its the usual UKIP/Farage dirty tricks. I quote from Guido

Anti-Faragist forces on UKIP’s National Executive Committee are working to keep Steven Woolfe off the ballot, according to sources in the room. The NEC is dominated by supporters of Neil Hamilton and Douglas Carswell who want to stop the Farage candidate and install Lisa Duffy as leader. Woolfe is backed by Nigel and a string of his allies including Nathan Gill, Peter Whittle, Tim Aker, Arron Banks, William Dartmouth and David Coburn. Yesterday UKIP sources briefed out that Woolfe was ineligible to stand because (they claim) his membership had lapsed. Woolfe has an email from party chairman Steve Crowther appearing to dismiss this allegation as nonsense:
“The threshold for membership of the Party for this leadership election is two years, from 11 July 2014­ – 11 July 2016. You have been a member of the European Parliament for UKIP throughout that period, regarded as a member in good standing. There is no apparent record on this file of your having been sent a standard membership subscription request during that time.”
Yet the anti-Woolfe faction of the NEC is still seeking to disqualify Woolfe in what seems a pretty unsubtle stitch up. A four-person panel is set to meet at 3pm on Sunday to ‘vet’ the candidates, and Woolfe allies are concerned about a weighted panel voting to kick him out of the contest. A coronation for Lisa Duffy is not going to go down well with members, they will want a fair fight…
UPDATE: Carswell gets in touch to stress he hasn’t got a dog in the fight.
I did know Lisa Duffy from my brief time on the NEC where she religously agreed with Farage. She is not up to the job in my experience, has very limited/non-existent  talents and under her UKIP will sink without trace.

It is depressing UKIP still has not moved on from the Farage cult model. Our country still needs a strong credible UKIP to ensure Brexit means Brexit and happens asap. You cannot trust the Tories and Labour is a shambles which just leaves the pro EU SNP and LibDems who are opposed to Brexit.

Its a long time since I have written on UKIP but depressingly nothing has changed.

PS Runners and riders from Guido

Who Should be the Next UKIP Leader?
  • Jonathan Arnott
  • Phillip Broughton
  • Lisa Duffy
  • Bill Ethridge
  • Diane James
  • Liz Jones
  • Steven Woolfe

I make Woolfe favourite if he is not nobbled by the Stewards and James second favourite with the rest nowhere. Pity about La Evans, I suffered a similar fate so I can sympathise with her.

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Stephen Harness said...

In the real world it is essential that the best candidate is elected as leader. Stephen does appear to be a safe pair of hands and is presentable. His speeches are intelligent if not exciting. Perhaps we have had enough of exciting and require intelligence going forward. My membership renewal remains in the pending pile.