Sunday, 31 July 2016

Leave won the referendum but the media and political class do not recognise it..

Even the so called Leavers like Booker are writing more defeatest drivel in today's Sunday Telegraph. Booker does not think our Westminster parliament can repeal the 1983 Eurpean Communities Act which makes our law suservient to EU law without asking Johnny Foreigner's permission..What do you think the phrase sovereign country means  Mr Booker? Drivel thy name is Booker/North..

The problem will be getting a majority in the House of commons to repeal Heath's Act which sold us into bondage and then sorting out the House of Lords. Llyod George cracked that one 100 years ago.

Halligan is a good journalist and economist who has a good peace on the latest pro-EU tactic, 'Project Smear' which replaces the previous 'Project Fear' that  rightly cost so many Europhiles their cushy well paid jobs.

Click below to read it:

Halligan's thesis which I agree with wholeheartedly is that every piece of bad economic news is seen by the pro Remain  media through its anti-Brexit prism.

For Remainers their commitment to the EU gravy train far exceeds their variable belief in democracy which is only 'good' if it agrees with their Remain views.Just because the result was not supported by the bulk of the plitical, finacial and media establishment does not make it wrong or require another referendum to put right. It was the verdict of the British people so let Branson and his like accept it from the safety of their West Indian tax havens. The British populace do not have that option.

Bernard Jenkin the Tory MP puts it well in the FT

He simply says,

Britain should look to leave the EU as swiftly and simply as possible, 

Perhaps Messrs Booker and North could learn the virues of such unambiguous conciseness.


EU realist said...

But we are not a sovereign country until we leave the EU, the question is do we not therefor have to follow the treaties of the EU that were agreed by our governments until we do leave? If not what would be the consequences of leaving by breaking those treaties?

Eric Edmond said...

Good point.Who judges if we break EU treaties? Not the EU I hope.