Saturday, 30 July 2016

What is going on with Hinkley Point nuclear power station?

Clearly TM has severe misgivings about the whole affair particularly the security angle complete with Chinese bugs. Maybe how  VW fiddled the EU emiisions test is begining to sink in. If the krauts can do it so can the Chinese.

The Tories were counting on EDF to plead poverty and pull the plug. Its a typical Cameron miscalculation just like counting on the LibDems to veto the in/put EU referendum which did not happen and terminated Dave & Gideon which may turn out to have been a very good thing for our country. Same thing happened to the LibDems and the student loans pledge they never thought they woukl have to honour. Before that there was the Equitable Life  guaranteed annuity rate promes that bankrupted the company.

Diito with Dave's EU referendum which he thought he was sure to win! If something is not impossible it can happen and it will happen at the worst possible time.

Dave's answer to the danger of Turkey being admitted to the EU was it won't happen.the French and Spanish will veto it. Suits Dave who was licking Turkey's bum less than a year ago. He likes to blame someone else. Its the Etonian way!.

Thus it is with Hinckley point. The Frogs have let the us down by not ratting on the contract. May should just pull out. It will show the EU she means business and be very good for the UK and EDF. I hope she also cancels the uneeded HS2 and instead builds a high speed rail link across the Penines, Liverpool Manc to Leeds Hull Newcastle.

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