Monday, 18 July 2016

Rebelious Scots to crush.

Thus goes the verse of the National Anthem that is seldom sung. Nicola Sturgeon is deluding her Scottish people of whom I am one in exile. The EU does not want you Nicky because of the natinalist contagion you would spread to Catalonia in Spain, the Basquee country in Spain/France, Northern Italy etc. Spain will veto any application by Scotland to join the EU even if Nicky could win freedom from England.

I know it is an attractive prospect to my countrymen to be free of the English yoke and rejoin the Auld Alliance with France but for me its out of the frying pan into the fire of the Euro area and the Schengen passportless travel zone. The idea that Nicky will have a veto on Brexit is pure fantsay. Far better to get into bed with the vicar's daughter.

The same goes for the Irish and the Welsh who do jolly well out of union with England.

I do wish however we could ditch Betty von Battenburg and go to an elected head of state and elected House of Lords of about 100 members. I have nothing against Betty woman but her hangers on and flunkeys are too sick making for words.

The next referendum should be one to get rid of Betty and her enormous extended German family.

Off to France tonight so no more blogging for 11 days. C'est la vie.

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