Sunday, 17 July 2016

The lacuna in implementing Brexit

To exit the EU our parliament has to repeal the 1973 European Comunity Act which gave Brussels huge powers over us. This requires a majority vote in a House of Commons with 650 members the majority of whom say 450 are EU philes some for honourable reasons and some for dishonourable reasons. The term honourable member is at best a fiction but more simply a propaganda lie repeated over many hundreds of years to become a factoid.

Thus today there are 330 Tory MPs giving T May a majority of around 12. She clearly cannot get the repeal of the 1973 ECA through. She has to go to the country and win a bigger majority by wiping out Corbyn's Labour. When? I think she canot delay past November this year. There is a problem however called the Fixed Term Parliament Act 2010 passed by the LibDemCon coalition to keep the Tory PM Csmeron from welching  on the deal. That could probably be got through the HoC but what about the LabLib dominated Lords. Invoking the Parliament Act to enforce the will of the Commons would take one year which will be far too long. T May would have to adopt the Llyod George option and threaten to create however many Tory Lords it needs to pass the Bill, say 200+,  to be followed  by a long overdue Bill to subsequently  reduce the size of the Lords from its current bloated  798 to not more than 300 and then down to 100 to match the US Sente which has just 100 members.

The current noble Lords will very quickly fall into line faced with the loss of their platform, right to host lucrative  lobbyist events in Westminster,  their fat attendace allowance of £350 per day plus a free car parking space in the Palace of Westminster.

This is  the real test of how serious T May is about Brexit. Getting rid of the unelected Lords, mainly geriatrics who love the sound of their own voices and getting better elected people would be an extra great bonus for the UK.


BGD said...

I do not see why this cannot be a whipped Conservative vote and why Labour MPs can be threatened into supporting the choices of their electorates in Labour's northern heartlands.

Eric Edmond said...

Problem with arch Europhiles like Ken Clarke in his last term as an MP. There are others in a similar position that you cannot induce with promises of preferment or threaten with deselection. Sexual misdemeanours are not the threat it was in Heaths 72/73 Bill so how do you get your majority?

I hope you are right that Labour MPs can be also be intimidated with the prospect of deselection.

Its going to be a tight vote as it was in November 1972