Saturday, 16 July 2016

Theresa May Failures and now duplicity and Brexit backtracking in Scotland

Andrew Neil put the right question, "What hasTheresa May achieved in 5 years at the Home office?" The answer is not a lot. Abu Hamza deported, immigration out of control, end. A bit like Dave's legacy, Homosexual marriage.

As a Scot it is now clear to me that May, following her Edinburgh visit, will use SNP opposition to the UK leaving the EU as an excuse to delay and eventaually cancel Brexit.

Let the SNP have theit second referendum. There is no appetite in Scotland now for independence. What the Scots have always hated is rule by the English. Sort that and the problem disappears like snow off a dyke.

Mr May above left. He cannot be as boring as his wife surely.

Mr Leadsom in action above right.

Ms Leadsom in action click below

BoJo was at least a fun boy.

His Turkish ancestry should come in useful post coup.


L fairfax said...

Deporting Abu Hamza was quite good, of course it should have been straightforward.

Eric Edmond said...

Agreed Mr|Fairfax but she did make a meal of it.