Friday, 15 July 2016

Smug, anti-Brexit metropolitan elite will now go into stardrive.

We are now subject to non-stop bombardment of anti-Brexit propaganda from the Islington/Kensington bad loser set. There is no escape from these people. If you don't buy the rags that publish their drivel you find them popping up on Sky, ITV and of course the BBC peddling their mendacious tripe. They all live in London and seem never to venture into the outer darknes outside of the M25 except to holiday in Tuscany with P Toynbee. None else gets a look in.

Last night on ITV I listened to two bimbo presenters tring to link the Nice atrocity to Brexit via lack of security information sharing which they think only happens within the EU. Uutter bollocks. I think these girls should go back to GCSE geography, Nice is approximately 750 miles South of London.

I then had to listen to Major Tim saying he feared for British Europe scientific cooperation following Brexit. Ground control to Major Tim, UK Europe joint science goes back to pre 1914 and if you read the name on the rocket that put you into orbit you would have discovered it was Russian, as was the pilot, as was your re-entry pod that brought you back. You are another who should go back to do GCSE geography, Russia is not in the EU and your re-entry pod landed back in Asia where your Russian rocket took off from. The history of Russian rocketry goes back to the first world war when your predecessor Major Bigglesworth was still flying around in a Sopwith Camel biplane.

Every dip in Sterling or the the FTSE will be attributed to Brexit whilst rises will be ignored especially by the Newsnight gnome Evans.

It is also noticeable how the media are out to rubbish BoJo publishing unflattering pictures of him looking wild. He is clearly their number one target. Boris is a clever man, far smarter than the BBC hacks so I expect their attacks will be deflected by Boris quite easily and may well rebound back on the journos..

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