Thursday, 14 July 2016

More UKIP dirty tricks

I initially called this blog UKIP Truth over 5 years ago when I had been kicked out of UKIP on largely trumped up charges. Things have not changed in UKIP. The latest manifestation is the decision of UKIP NEC to come up with a new rule saying that to run for leader you have to have been a memberof good standing for 5 years. This stops people like Suzanne Evans who is currently suspended and Diane James from standing. Ms Evans seems taken aback by this development but it is the way UKIP has been run for years.

On Monday Nikki Sinclaire a former UKIP MEP, a victim of UKIP dirty tricks was found not guilty of fraud

Its a sorry tale. Many people have suffered such treatment from UKIP. Nikki had the corage to bring it out in the open. She deserves our thanks.

UKIPNEC should immediately rescind this 5 year membership qualification rule and allow Suzane Evans to stand to be leader.

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