Saturday, 17 September 2016

How to use Amber Rudd's scaremongering to expedite Brexit

There are few more repulsive EU loving Tories than A Rudd unless it is her EU lobbyist brother Roland Rat sorry Rudd. Her claim that the EU will charge UK citizens £20 or so for a visa to enter Juncker's  EU empire is just great for us Leavers. It gives the UK the perfect excuse to set up reciprocal visa charges for EU citizens entering the UK. Bingo! We can refuse visa's to any one we don't want. That gives us immediate control of our borders and we know exactly who is entering our country.

The law of unitended consequences strikes again. Keep it up Ms Rudd.

Its a pity the Eurocrats are not as stupid as you.

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L fairfax said...

If the French start charging us to go to France then it will save British lives next time there is a terrorist attack there. It will of course destroy their tourist industry and cause mass unemployment.
BTW will the soldiers we have in Cyprus and Poland etc be exempt? I hope not as it would be a good excuse to bring them home.