Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Diane James departure, deja vu all over again

The realpolitik of UKIP is that all MEPs including Mrs James were personally approved  by Farage and gave their total loyalty to Farage. not UKIP, to secure their place on the UKIP slate. Some of course quickly jumped ship like Bashir who was given a prominent place for the TV cameras at T May's Tory conference speech today following his defection to the Tories. I did not spot the other recent UKIP MEP defectors Bannerman, now a Tory MEP or Andreasen.

The tragedy is over the years Farage smeared many good honest UKIP people as BNP supporters to make room for these traitors.

It was Roger Knapman who as leader delivered UKIP's first breakthrough in the European 2004 election  winning 12 seats and16% of the vote. In the run up to this election Farage had made great efforts  through his sycophants to undermine Roger who subsequently stood down.

I opine the same thing has happened to Mrs James, undermined by Farage party appointees plus his placemen officials.. Mrs James was bound to fail in her attempts to reform UKIP. She was naive. Those who have had dealings with Farage would have counseled against taking this poisoned challice.

Nothing changes in UKIP!


Henry IX said...

But Diane 'Real Deal' James was the Farage candidate after Wolfe was rejected!!!! Some hero of yours!!

Eric Edmond said...

Wolfe was fiddled out of being able to stand on a technicality.

Henry IX said...

?? We know that -what's the relevance?