Wednesday, 21 December 2016

All those who want 'clarification' on May's Brexit negotiating position are the EU fifth column.

I wrote about this on 13th Dec,;postID=4832198681013977014;onPublishedMenu=allposts;onClosedMenu=allposts;postNum=2;src=postname

All those who want  Mrs May to reveal more to the EU love the EU more than their own country and do us great damage. They are of course the Lib Dems and some Labour MPs.many of whom have been on, or hope to get on the EU gravy train, What is your EU pension Mr Clegg? They are not patriots but traitors stabbing.our PM in the back.

Yesterdays joint hearing of all the select committee chairman was a disgraceful exhibition of pro EU posturing by MPs some of whom are still tainted by the expenses scandal. Their naked self interest trumps everything.

Watch this for over an hour. T May did well with a hostile pro EU committee

John Redwood probably the cleverest MP writes with his usual razor sharp intellect on the link below

Its sharp, concise and a compulsory read.

I quote his opening para, which gives a flavour of his piece

If I went to an auction with a business partner we would not spend our time at the auction bidding against each other.  We would agree the best course of action for buying the item at the lowest price, and stick to that. Only one of us would bid. We would not advertise in advance how much we wanted the item or what our bidding strategy would be. - See more at:


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