Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Words of Paddy Pantsdown just prior to 23rd June when he thought Remain would win

He now sings a different tune, a Remoaners lament perhaps. It would sound good on the pipes.

Politicians have such short memories when it suits them.

And then there is this from Hanaan starring Cameron at Chatham House

Its also at

What Cameron says makes it abundantly clear that the Referendum is a decision for the British people  not MPs, not politicians and it will be a one off vote so up yours Lib Dems, Gina Miller and all the rest of the political elite


Reverend Pain said...

What's stopping May from messing up Brexit? She could just delay for months and months and we can't do much about it. I guess if mad Merkel makes any more terrible decisions there will be more incentive for us to leave but I don't trust the politicians to do the right thing at all.

Eric Edmond said...

Agreed. We are now in the power of the party system and its corrupt expenses grubbing MPs. Mrs May strikes mes as a ditherer.