Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Time for us to unite against the EU

The unelected, pompous self adoring Lords along with their LibDem and EU phile friends in the media and Parliament give great comfort and encouragement to our enemy, the EU. Even the BBC says it is the aim of the EU, notice I do not say EU although the BBC always uses the misleading term Europe, to give us a very hard time in our forthcoming Brexit negotiations.

They are encouraged in this by these traitors in our political elite I note above in the same way Adolf Hitler was encouraged by the  political elite of the Oxford  Union  supporting the infamous 1933 motion ,   "that this House will in no circumstances fight for its King and Country".  It was carried by 275 votes to 153 and was widely reported internationally. It helped convince  Hitler that Britain would not fight against his evil regime just as today the Eurocrats believe will draw back from Brexit and they don't have to negotiate with us or make any concessions to us and they just have to hold fast and wait for us to cave in.

The Remoaners are not just betraying democracy but the are stabbing our PM in the back and betraying our country. You may not like Mrs May but she is our PM and deserves our support in her efforts to get us out of the EU. If we dont we wont have a country to leave to our children we will be living in an EU province.

The Guardian reports the windbag Lords as saying, " expert witnesses warned that all the options involved weighing up the economic benefits of trade against lost political independence, leaving no foreseeable scenario where Britain was in a stronger position outside the single market." This is simply nonsensical, the balance is gains from Political independence and the economic gains this brings. Presumably these were the same 'experts' who prophesised Armageddon and economic disaster post June 23rd. Have these Lords learned nothing from that exercise. The message is clear, trust your own common sense and put not your trust in experts. Ask one question, who pays these experts, and remember he who pays the piper calls the tune. Britain will be a better, stronger and freer country outside the EU as a sovereign nation  as it was up to 1973  and will be again if the political elite are thwarted.

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