Monday, 12 December 2016

Lefties are bad losers and care nothing for democracy

Tim Stanley is a great columist for the Telegraph. He is a Cambridge historian, university lecturer, was a Member of the Labour party at University and has done the religious thing from Anglican to RC.  He is a man who changes his mind as he goes through life learning on the way and can admit to his mistakes. His piece in today's Telegraph entitled,

 The Left are being sore losers and democracy is the poorer for it 

is well worth reading by clicking below, 

His opening paragraph,

"If 2016 has taught us anything it is that people define democracy as getting what they want. If they win an election, it was fair. If they lose, it was rigged. Democracy is in crisis, says the Left, because, from America to Britain to Italy and beyond, the people keep making the wrong choices."

That sums it up. The EU and their fellow travelllers and useful idiots are always right and its the people that get it wrong helped by Vlad the Putin

Clinton lost to Trump not because she was useless and dishonest but because the Russians hacked into her emails and helped Trump. Now Russia Today is opening up in France to influence the French Presidential election in favour of Marine LePen. Its complete BBC bilge from Islington.

Putin is our best hope of getting peace in the Middle East. He is not a nice man but then neithr was Churchill who happliy shipped back Ukrainians for Stalin to have excecuted on the quay side at Odessa.

I love Tim Stanley's comment on the rodent like creature Farron and his sordid useless party. Its name is an oxymoron. It is not Democratic and its hierarchy from Paddy Pantsdown downwards have great difficulty in accepting democractic decisions. 

I well remember during the Lisbon Treaty debate Menzies Campbell demanding an In/Out referendum to settle things once and for all. Well we have had our referendum. It did not produce the result Campbell wanted so the Lib Dems want another one in true EU fashion. How any one can take these useless people seriously is beyond me but the BBC ensure they will get lots of TV exposure fro now until the BBCis wound up.

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