Sunday, 11 December 2016

Lets do Brexit now Mrs May

Liam Halligan unlike most economists writes comprehensible common sense that ordinry folk can understand. Click below to read his latest piece ublished 11th Dec

His thesis is let us not become embroiled in endless  court cases brought by those  rich vested interests who wish to thwart the 23rd June vote The so called single market is the sort of meaningles phrase Remainers love. It was made abundantly clear during the Referendum campaign that a vote to leave the EU implied we woukd leave the single market and the Common Tariff area. Claims to the contrary are self serving lies.

Farage who is very astute on these matters said two days ago he thought May was heading for the Norway option of free movement, unfettered immigratin and ECJ jurisdiction and remaining in the EU only losing MEPs plus some other trivia. it was also made abundantly clear during the Referendum campaign that it was not an acceptable option for us.

There is no need for complex negotiations. We leave and trade under WTO rules as Halligan says. It that simple. People like Richard North seek complicated time consumming solutions to artificail problems dreamed up by the Remainers. Its time to cut the Gordian knot.

Sure WTO rules mean UK goods will be sbject to higher tarifs in the EU but then the same will happen to EU goods imported into the UK! As we import more from them  than they do from us they will be the net losers and we will be the net gainers.

Leaving the customs union would make food cheaper in the UK as we could then import cheaper food from the non-EU world which is a vastly bigger place than the EU. I am old enough to remember how UK food prices jumped post UK entry to the EC in 1974. When we leave the reverse will obviously happen. Remember the Common external tariff was a device to protect inefficient French farmers. It damages the UK.

As Halligan points out financial services will largely continue as is especially when the Euro drops on how efficient the City is and how inefficient Paris is.

The Remainers will manufacture endless possible complications That is simply another variant on their project Fear.  It failed on 23rd June and will fail again if Mrs May has the guts to call their bluff.


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