Thursday, 8 December 2016

Lords of Appeal in a mess.

It is apparent to me our learned friends have dug them selves into a large hole and have no idea how to extricate themselves. They should never have got involved. they should have told the wealthy lady and her chums that invoking aricle 50 is not a legal matter but a political matter. They have already damaged confidence in themselves and our judicial system and whatever they do now can only make matters worse.

Ordinary people will start to ask questions about why this group of late middled aged white men plus a token late middle aged white woman, with an overwhelming  majority educated at public school and Oxbridge  are fit to rule over us in the 21st century. Every other walk of life now has diversity and ethnicity quotas, why are apppeal court judges exempt?

They have exposed themselves on TV as what they are and cannot now put the genie back in the bottle. They are like the House of Lords unelected. They are selected by people like themselves and represent the worst of how our class ridden British society operates at the highest levels of our country.

Far better the open US system where Supreme Court Judges and their views are subject to stringent public scrutiny which includes the views of their wives, partners and associates. Its time  we joined a 21st century judicial system.

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