Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Article 50 affair moves on

Whilst the law lords proceed at their usual glacial pace Mrs May has executed a brilliant judo throw on Labour's ex DPP one Keir Starmer QC. She has taken his attempt to force her to reveal her negotiating strategy and used it to tack her invoking of article 50 on the end. Mr Starmer is stuck on his own wig I think.

Jacob Rees Mogg was his usual precise self on Sky new tonight pointing out how the EU's hard man Barnier had done the UK a great favour by attempting to compress our negotiating time. It simplifies things for Mrs May, clarifies things for the UK populace. Jacob makes the obvious point that we can walk away if we don't like the EU offer as they have more to lose than us. Ask the German car industry an d M Camembert. The argument that we are only a small part of the EU export market and they are a large part of ours is Bogus. German industry with good reason calls the UK Treasure Island and they want to continue to explot it. They won't let the French kill the goose that lays the golden eggs paricularly in a German election year.

I have always opined that the EU  is our best ally in implementing our Brexit. I feel we also can count on a bit of help from the Donald. Amageddon seems to have been postponed indefinitely.

On the domestic front here is what the meaningless phrase , "progressive alliance" seems to mean in practice.


I am sure the saintly Greens would never contemplate such alleged skull duggery. The could not have understood what the Lib Dems were saying. Time for a re-run of the Richmond by-election. The good folks of Richmond must have been very confused.

In the good old days of bung the goalie, goalkeepers favoured Green jerseys..

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