Saturday, 14 January 2017

Carney and Barnier row the EU back up the Thames at top speed

The penny/euro has just dropped with those two great minds that after a clean Brexit the EU will be the big loser. No surprise, its economic reality. First Carney

the government now needs to agree a transition deal for quitting the EU and  Brexit posed a greater risk to the remaining members of the EU than the UK.

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The hard man Barnier reported by Reuters requesting a 'special deal' for the EU to deal in the City of London.

That's the way the gateau crumbles when you eat humble pie. Its all about equivalence something we had to accept, corrupt mid European legal systems being euivalent to British justice. The great foundation of the City is the British common law someting the Eurocrats hve just realised. That is why the world transacts in London with its impeccably fair commercial law backed by hundreds of years of case law

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