Monday, 16 January 2017

Compare Trump's experienced cabinet to our PPE type career politicians

The list can be found on the Guardian link below

Most of Trump's appointees have done proper jobs at a senior level in business, the army and government. There are 20 Men, one a black retired paedistric Neuro surgeon, age range 44 to 80 , average age around 62, 5 Women,one a Chinese age range 44 to 68, average age around 57.

Now compare that with our lot, 8 women age range 41 to 60, average age 47, 13 men age range 46 to 68, average age 55. One ex GP. Most but not all of the rest have little experience of a proper job, a lot of PPE types, no real military experience.

So Trumps men are around 7 years older with far more experience at senior levels than our guys. Trump is 72, 12 years older than May, Trump's women are 10 years older than ours and far more experienced at senior level.

Age does matter expecially in China and Japan where age is respected. Even Aung San Suu Kyi is 71 so ages with Trump.

Our guys and gels look like young amateurs compared to Trump's team.

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