Tuesday, 17 January 2017

The nobody told us syndrome

Its a cheap vox pop beloved of our liberal elite media to interview a bunch of youmg people who say on camera nobody told us about this or the variant nobody told us this could happen. Grow up! No pollitician ever tells the whole truth they  are in the words of a former Cabinet Secretary very economical with the truth. Its part of the growing up process to learn to ask sharp questions. Paxman used to be very good at this with his why does this lying bastard think he can fool me attitude.

Its even more depressing to read an MP saying leave campagners said we could stay in the Single Market following a leave vite on 23 rd June. That is just a lie or as it seems now to be called, fake news..


The interview with Pinnochio Cleg is even worse. Clegg believes if he talks long enough he can make black white. He typifies the worse of our political elite. They are complete strangers to the truth.

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