Saturday, 21 January 2017

Why are left wingers so undemocratic?

I am appalled but not surprised at the violent street protests organised by those who did not vote for him. Trump was democratically elected in a process that has been used for over two hundred years. Smashing car and shop windows will not change that. I hope they feel the full force of the US law.

We seem to be surrounded by a political elite who think the democratic process is only correct when it agrees with their partisan views. Ashdown, Clegg, Farron etc are the main culprits in the UK but we also get it from BBC imports like the US woman Greer who is never off our screens in the UK with her unsubstantiated drivel. She claimed last night Trump knew nothing of the Bible, how does she know? We do not need her when we have our own Diane Abbott to put forward the left wing case.

I have no idea whether Trump will be a good or bad president but he must surely be given a chance and not no-platformed as our moronic students do to anyone who disagrees with their views.

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