Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Supreme Court result victory for the wealthy over the people

I listened to Lord Chief Justice this morning announce that by 8 to 3 they were dismissing the government's appeal against the lower court verdict. and that HMG would need to table a bill to trigger article 50  . That was as expected but there were some good points for Mrs May.

First, the Scot Nats etc have no right to be consulted as it is a matter for the UK parliament. T\hey have already said they will table 50 amendments to |HMG's bill. Each amendment makes them more and more laughable and I expect them to get full T|M scorn treatment as meted out weekly to Jezza at PMQs.

Second there were no legal impediments to a very brief Bill to enact this decision, Guardian ed  please note

Third after the verdict Pannick was very coy on Sky as to what the costs would be and who had funded the as the losing party HMG will have to pay the costs.

Fourth it clearly lays the blame at Cameron's door  for the sloppy drafting of the referendum bill that allowed this action in the first place.

Finally all can now see that it is wealthy ex-pats like Branson who are behind this farce in an attempt to thwart the will of the people and keep their wealth and privileges. .All this action showed was that if you are prepared to shovel money to rapacious lawyers you can cause no end of trouble.for ordinary people.

David Davies will have little problem this afternoon in the HoC.

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