Friday, 27 January 2017

Mrs May goes to Washington

I thought Mrs May's visit was a personal triumph for her and great for the UK. She achieved far more for our country than Tony, Gordon and Dave put together. She does have a sense of humour as does the Donald. Always a good basis for a relationship!

I though her speech on||Thursday to the Republicans was excellent but I would have finished by saying God Bless America!

Similarly at the Whitehouse press conference I would emphasised the blood ties reminding the Press that Churchill's mother, Jennie Jerome was American as was our first woman MP, Nancy Astor, whose second marriage was to hotel magnate Waldorf Astor.That might have gone down well with Donald! Blood is thicker than water.

Only embarrassment came when Trump twice used her first name but she went back into here head girl shell and still called him Mr President.

I think they will get on fine. I do hope Air miles Andy makes himself useful and  plays golf with the Donald on the 9 hole course at Balmoral.

Hand in hand. Looks good!

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