Saturday, 28 January 2017

The political/media elite will destroy our democracy

On 23rd June 2016 we voted to leave the EU. It was made abundantly clear to us by everyone who campaigned from David Cameron downwards  that this meant leaving the jurisdiction of the ECJ and leaving the misleadingly named single market and the Customs Union. Mr Thicky Farron and his equally dim and hapless Lib Dems chose not to hear this as did the Scot Nats and assorted other Europhile MPs.who  act out of pure party interest not the interests of our country Indeed every time they open their mouths it is to run our country down. They are simply mouthpieces for the corrupt EU Commission,and are at best useful fools in Lenin's phrase and want to reverse the Referendum result. They are egged on in this by the EU commission.

Our most valuable heritage we can leave to our children is our democracy for which our ancestors fought and died for. If these MPs succeed in thwarting the will of the people It will destroy our democracy and plunge us into a Napoleonic dictatorship which will result in  much blood shed.No blood will of course be shed by the political elite or theirs!

These MPs are largely drawn from the same swamp as produced those caught fiddling their expenses 6 years ago and yet they hold the people to ransom. These MPs are not fit to decide our future.Trump is right when he talks of the need to drain the swamp and calls out. the corrupt  media with their so-called liberal agenda which wants to enslave us to the political elite.

They love to quote Edmund Burke a  Whig political philosopher active during the late 19th century that MPs are representatives and not delegates and can therefore act as their conscience dictates ie do what they like until the next election, the root cause of the expenses scandal. Most MPs nowadays do not seem to have a conscience and act as the party whips tell them. 

The bill to trigger article 50 is not a matter of conscience,it is implementing the will of the British people as expressed in the 2016 referendum. It is difficult to see how it is a matter of conscience  like hanging or abortion. Burke has been dead for almost 200 years. He was an Irishman living at a time when less than 5% of the population could read or write and newspapers were only affordable by the rich. Things have moved on since then to universal adult education, 50 % of the population going to university, He and his dictums are now largely irrelevant. Karl Marx born roughly when Burke dieddescribe Burke thus:

"The sycophant—who in the pay of the English oligarchy played the romantic laudator temporis acti against the French Revolution just as, in the pay of the North American colonies at the beginning of the American troubles, he had played the liberal against the English oligarchy—was an out-and-out vulgar bourgeois. "The laws of commerce are the laws of Nature, and therefore the laws of God." (E. Burke, l.c., pp. 31, 32) No wonder that, true to the laws of God and Nature, he always sold himself in the best market."

I agree with Marx and his emphasis on Burke representing and bought by the ruling elite is very prescient

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