Tuesday, 31 January 2017

What is the point of the LibDems?

The rank hypocrisy of this pigmy party is quite nauseating. They seem to think if they talk . long enough they can bore people to death .They get an inordinate amount of media time on the BBC to promulgate their incoherent views.It was good tosee one of the other MPs interrupting Clegg today to point out that he had promised the students he would oppose tuition fees and then 14 days later been part of a government that introduced student fees.

Today Ian Dale on his radio show  rightly shredded the LibDems latest  recruit the not very bright OLNey woman who was ranting on about T May visiting Erdogan in Turkey and did not understand when Mr Dale pointed out that  Clegg when deputy PM had done exactly the same thing. Following on Olney's shafting by Hartley Brew.er Olney is the answer to every political journos prayer. I hate to think what A Neil would do to her.

It was good to watch parliament today debate the second reading of the Referendum bill. There were some excellent speeches from Kate Hoey, Gisela Stuart and Olly Letwin. Despite being allowed to speak for five times longer than anyone else Ken Clarke seems to realise that the EU is now a lost cause.

I live in hope this will end well.

Michaell Gove sums it up:


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