Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Some MPs think they are superior to us ordinary folk

That is the conclusion I come to after listening to some describing their actions as voting with their conscience.No, they are voting with their arrogance and conceit and boy do they love the sound of their own voices! They say brevity is the soul of wit. Meaningless posturing and long windedness is the sign of the half wit.. If this is what they mean when they talk of scrutiny, holding to account or any of the other meaningless phrases the Lib Dums etc mouth why don't we just get on with it. These people have nothing to say that adds one iota to our knowledge of Brexit.

Julian Lewis simply said the people have voted and that is how I will vote. Rees Mogg was almost as brief. Would we had more like them. What we seem to have is more from the Welsh windbag school of politics,more strident women from the Lib Dem school who talk endlessly and can't remember what they said last time on the same topic and a selection of juveniles who need educating.

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