Saturday, 11 February 2017

Paddy Ashdown is on manoeuvers

One of the advantages of living so close to Paddy is I know when he disappears from the village he is off to London to plot with the LibDems. He then pops up on national TV and expects us to treat him as an ordinary villager when he gets back. Extraordinary! I see, Olney, their newest MP is sent to Stoke to pursue the lost cause and give themedia a bit of sport.

The LibDems love plotting to try and keep us in  their beloved EU. They ought to be prosecuted under the Trades Description Act. They patently are not democrats as they try to ignore the result of our 23rd June referendum which Paddy said must be respected but that was when he thought Remain would win easily He has now been exposed as a hypocrite just as his pal Clegg was when he signed pledges in 2010 not to put up student fees and after the election joined. a government which did just that  That does not sound very liberal to me more like political expediency.

Paddy reminds me of the Scottish ballad:

The laird o' Cockpen, he's proud an' he's great, 
His mind is ta'en up wi' the  things o' the State; 
The LibDems are obviously short of talent that they have to wheel out Paddy to keep the spotlight ofF
 Farron et al. So expect more London media  LibDem sophistry in the Lords next week. I suggest May cuts their £300 per day
attendance allowance if they are naughty.
He may also be ski-ing during French school holidays.

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