Sunday, 19 February 2017

Nuttall is odds on to lose at Stoke

Nuttall  is s Liverpool scally who has now become a complete fantasist. The pity is UKIP could have won Stoke with any one of six local candidates but by choosing Nuttall they have handed the seat to Labour.

The strength of UKIP has always been its grass root members but its NEC/MEPs are a useless bunch there to take, like Farage, the EU's Euro. Anyone from outside the UKIP Nigel worshipping establishment has been systematically smeared and no platformed leaving just the sycophants to chose candidates from. hence Nuttall.

The only time Nuttall went to a fair vote of UKIP members in 2009 the NW members voted him into second place behind a man called Beaman who was 'persuaded' tostand down leaving Nuttall inthe number one position on the NW UKIP slate. The true story of why Beaman gave up a guaranteed one million Euros over 5 years has never emerged. Common sense dictates the persuasion must have been strong for him to give up a slot he had worked for years to attain.

In parliamentary elections people vote for a named candidate whose history they know. That is why Nuttall is unlikely to win. His master Farage failed seven times in parliamentary elections for the same reasons. As in the Book of Proverbs as a  dog returns to its vomit so UKIP returns to its folly.


Kevin Renson said...

"There to take, like Farage, the EU's Euro".

Ah, that's more like it, Dr Edmond. Can I bring to your attention the fact that there is an imposter managing to pose as your good self elsewhere on your blog, writing complete bollox about Farage being "an ordinary bloke"?

Ordinary blokes have neither the opportunity nor the desire to take the EU's Euro, less still to do so as a career politician for nearly 20 years, even less still while choosing to opt into the EU's corrupt double pension scheme, which means Farage will continue to rake in the EU's Euro long after Brexit is done and dusted (while, ahem, "ordinary blokes" will have to get by on their more honest and appropriate pension schemes - the type generated by long years in a real job rather than jumping on the career politician's gravy train).

I'm sure you must be appalled to learn of the imposter pretending to be yourself, Dr Edmond, who claims the above equates to an ordinary bloke. I much prefer the more authentic Dr Edmond who seems to have been restored for this particular post and recognises that Farage is nothing but a fake on the make.

Eric Edmond said...

Farage likes to project the ordinary bloke image. He is not a Kinnock etc so he is close to the ordinary end of the spectrum than Cameron,Clegg, Miiliband etc

L fairfax said...

Sadly we voted for him for our leader. Well I didn't I didn't like any of the candidates. If Farage had been wiser, he would have campaigned for someone like Carswell or David Kurten, both of which would have been much better.

Eric Edmond said...

Thankfully I did not vote for him. He sacked Del Young improperly and illegal frm UKIP and connived at my removal from the NEC by the sycophants. Del Young should have been on the leader's slate. I am deeply upset at what has happened to UKIP. Its a shambles.

L fairfax said...

I sometimes wonder if Farage etc are paid agents by the EU.
Fortunately we have true patriots Nick Clegg and Tony Blair who have worked very hard to discredit the EU by posing as its supporters and doing harmful things to the EU cause. The student tuition fee U turn to destroy the Lib Dems was a masterly piece of work by Nick Clegg.
Tony's attempt to make housing more expensive helped a lot as well.