Saturday, 18 February 2017

The House of Lords, Westminsters expensive care home

The HoL is full of geriatrics who love the sound of their own voice. The are a mixture of has beens and in John Le Carre's great phrase never wozzers especially the Lib Dems. They are unelectedd pumped up with their own importance wastes of space and have no place in a modern democracy. The old heriditarys at least had the interests of the country at heart whereas this lot of defunct Lib Dems care only about their political party and its crack pot ideas.

What to replace it with? I would go for an elected House like the US Senate with two members per English county plus four members for Wales and Northern Ireland and six for Scotland so roughly 84 members. No bishops or wise persons! It would have as now have no powers over money Bills and be subject to the Parliament Act to maintain the primacy of the Commons.

I felt sick at seeeing Shameless Chakrbati called Baroness last night on TV. Why are these useless twats paid £350 per day attendance allowance. Abolish it and do as Jesus said give the money to the poor., Bishops please note They add nothing to our democracy but illegitimacy..

If the political elite want to try and overturn the people's  Referendum then I can think of no softer target for us Brexiters to take on than the Blair, Clegg, Sturgeon triumirate. Detested by the vast majority of ordinary voters

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