Friday, 17 February 2017

Time for Blair to face war crime charges

It is unacceptable to see Anthony Blair given so much air time for a vacuous speech basically saying the British public are thick and did not undrstand the implications of Brexit. They did. Its Mr Blair that does not understand the meaning of democracy. A man is known by the company he keeps and Tony mixes exclusively with corupt blood soaked dictators from the third world. That is who he should preach to not the decent ordinary British voters who have now sussed Blair.

You can't fool all of the people all of the time Blair. The British publicknow for the political fraudster you are..

He richly desreves to be charged with war crimes over Iraq. That would keep him off the left wing TV for a while. Forever would be good for me.


geebeetwo said...

I have zero time for Blair but if he said that people did not understand the implications of brexit, I make him right. Farage himself could not have understood because no bugger did or does comprehend the possible effects of such a change on the economy or jobs ,prices etc.
Ukip's only raison d'etre was to get out from under, raising the spectres of immigration and not being told what to do by bloody foreigners. Bloody right too, I agree with that but that is a minor part of what could happen to this country in the short and medium term.
And my hand is up because I don't know either and I do try to follow politics and economics. Many don't and voted to be free of untrammelled immigration and making our own laws.
No one knew what might happen and we still don't. I was against the giving of such a crucial decision to what might just be an emotional vote, Cameron was a coward who might yet vie with blair for shit PM of all time.
Referenda should imho be for stuff like capital punishment ,not complex economic decisions that might rebound. and if the answer is ,the people know, no they bloody don't: have you talked to them?

Eric Edmond said...

Yup, blair, Mandelson are the political elite in Spades who have made a rich living as parasites on the back of the poor.